The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy

Season 3 Episode 5:

Nursery Crimes / My Peeps

"Nursery Crimes" After Billy eats 19 creme-filled Atomic Frenzy Cakes he cannot sleep and wants Mandy to read him a bedtime story. Mandy, Billy and Grim each tell a story. For his story, Grim uses a supernatural storybook from the Underworld, which makes Billy and Mandy enter the book and reprise the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Billy departs from the story and follows Pinocchio, who wants to devour Billy to become a real boy. Mandy saves Billy from Pinocchio, but she and Billy remain trapped in the book as Grim, the storyteller, falls asleep. "My Peeps" When Billy ruins his eyes by playing too many video games and looking directly into the Sun, Mandy and Grim suggest he see an ophthalmologist. When Billy refuses wearing glasses or having laser surgery, Grim uses his own scythe to zap his eyes. Although Billy has sharp and clean eyesight, he can also see glimpses of the future, specially horrific accidents that occur to his best friends. Grim zaps Billy's eyes multiple times to restore them to normal. Billy ends up with weird-looking eyes.
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About The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy:

The exploits of the Grim Reaper, who has been forced into being the best friend of two children. A spin-off of the show Grim & Evil.

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