It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 5 Episode 4:

The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention

Frank's behavior is more bizarre than usual---so bizarre that even the gang notice---so they decide to stage an intervention.
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About It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars a group of shameless people that run an unsuccessful Irish pub called Paddy’s Pub. They are referred to as ‘the gang.’ The gang comprises of twins Dennis and Deandra ‘Sweet Dee’ Reynolds, Ronald ‘Mac’ McDonald, Charlie Kelly and the twin’s legal father Frank Reynolds. With up to 18 seasons, it is now the longest- running live action-comedy series in American television. 

The gang always displays anti-social behaviour of all kinds. Examples of this is excessive drinking, insurance fraud, attempting kidnapping as well as committing physical and mental abuse on others outside of the gang. They are also dangerously co-dependent on one another. Every plan each character makes is to get one over another or to see the other’s misery. As soon as one person gets an idea, the gang goes all in. This then leads to disaster as they all overestimate what they can do. There is also no loyalty towards one another, as each will sabotage or snitch on one another to either get ahead with their own plan or just to see the other burn.

Although they are unsuccessful in all aspects of life, all members of the gang think they are better than everyone else. Frank considers himself a master manipulator, given his various illegal schemes such as his Vietnamese sweatshop. Charlie suffers from psychological issues but has a natural gift with musical instruments. Dennis suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, which gets more severe as the series goes on, and has been hinted to be a serial killer. Sweet Dee was portrayed as the compassionate member, but she is just as despicable as the others. Mac is the first to snitch on the others if it benefits him, as he does this to the other members throughout the series.

This gang has destroyed other people. The most notable is The Waitress, a frequent pawn for the gang’s antics. Both Charlie and Dennis have had relations with her. However, Charlie openly stalks her. When she is creeped out at first, gaining many restraining orders, he shows his affection for her in a sociopathic manner. Eventually, they get together. Dennis has also had relations with The Waitress, but he doesn’t care about her. One of the most abused bystanders is former priest Rickety Cricket, who has been blackmailed, assaulted and left homeless because of the gang. Other minor characters are incestuous McPoyle family, The Lawyer, Sweet Dee’s high school friend Maureen Ponderosa, Ben the Soldier and former gang member Peter "Schmitty" Schmidt.

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