Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 7 Episode 2:

Kathy Greenwood

Kathy is the contestant on Let's Make a Date, choosing from Uncle Ernie who's drinking too much and is about to ruin his niece Colin's wedding reception (Wayne), a heroic frog leading ""The Great Escape"" of all the frogs from a French restaurant (Colin), and someone who's founded a cult that worships Colin and he lives his life by Colin's example (Ryan); Two-Line Vocabulary features SWAT team commander Colin and his two agents Wayne (""Is this it?"" and ""I want to go first."") and Ryan (""Should I be doing this?"" and ""What's the point of that?"") about to infiltrate a group of terrorists; Film Dub has Ryan, Colin, and Kathy at a themed restaurant; Sound Effects has audience members Karen and Sharon provide sounds for Ryan and Colin, whom they don't know who's who, as Clark Kent (Ryan) is having an intimate evening with Lois Lane (Colin) when he gets a message that Lex Luthor is subjecting the city to a series of terrors; Show-Stopping Number at a bank for everyone but Kathy. Wayne wins, so t
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About Whose Line Is It Anyway?:

The show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. Not a talk show, not a sitcom, not a game show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? is a completely unique concept to network television. Four talented actors perform completely unrehearsed skits and games in front of a studio audience. Host Drew Carey sets the scene, with contributions from the audience, but the actors rely completely on their quick wit and improvisational skills. It's genuinely improvised, so anything can happen - and often does.

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