The A-Team

Season 3 Episode 21:

Waste 'Em!

Former military helicopter pilot A.J. runs a delivery service, Speedy Express, with his blind sister Lisa Perry. Garbage collection company manager Ike Hagen wants them to sell to him, and pulls all the stops to force them, including threats and violence against both vehicles and staff, so they hire the A-Team. When Face springs Murdock from the asylum, he believes his hand 'Lefty' has a vicious will of its own. Hannibal pretends to be the new owner, is swiftly abducted, hears they mainly want the building so he pretends to plan a six-store on the spot, and plants a ...
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About The A-Team:

Four Vietnam vets, framed for a crime they didn't commit, help the innocent while on the run from the military.