Season 2 Episode 13:

Houses of the Holy

An angel causes people to cheerfully go out to murder, and when the Winchesters investigate one of them falls under its sway.
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About Supernatural:

Supernatural is the longest running fantasy show in American TV history. Through its 15 years on air, it became the standard for other fantasy TV shows to follow. The series follows two brothers, Sam, and Den Winchester, who follow in their father’s footsteps and become Supernatural Hunters. 

At the core of this show is the bond between these two brothers, who are complete opposites. Dean is the eldest. Ever since his mother was killed by a demon known as ‘Yellow Eyes’, he had to look out for Sam. This matured him, but also caused him to neglect himself. A reoccurring theme for Dean is his inner emptiness. After multiple friends and allies die all around him, he considers himself poisonous to the people he cares about. His only reason to keep fighting multiple times is to save Sam.

Sam was cursed as a baby with a craving for demon blood. Sam Winchester, unlike Dean, was not interested in becoming a hunter. After the same demon that killed his mother murders his college girlfriend, Sam is drawn back into the Hunter life. With his intelligence, Sam is often the brains behind Dean’s muscle. However, their bond goes deeper than that. They are essentially all each other has. There have been multiple times each of them has sacrificed themselves for each other and the world. They have defied their destiny as the reincarnation of Michael and Lucifer and Cain and Abel. 

Another character that becomes integral to the brothers is the angel Castiel. Castiel was a minor character at first. However, the fans loved this character enough to make him a regular. Whilst he is powerful, he is also naïve. Many of the show’s funniest moments are his reaction to technology and food. However, as an angel of the Lord (God), he too questions his role in the grand picture. As he gets closer to the brothers and humanity, Castiel becomes rebellious against Heaven and other angels for wanting to destroy humanity. The Winchester Brothers and Castiel became Team Free Will. 

Over their adventures, the boys change multiple lives and gain many allies and enemies along the way. Some characters include fellow hunters such as Bobby Singer, a hunter and father figure to Sam and Dean, fellow hunters Jo and Ellen Harvelle, hacker Charlie Bradbury and Eileen Leahy, a hunter who was deaf from a Banshee attack. The boys have also affected other supernatural beings such as Crowley, the king of Hell, Rowena who is a powerful witch and Sam’s mentor in magic, Meg Masters a demon who become allies towards the boys in multiple ways and Ruby, a demon who uses Sam to resurrect Lucifer. 

Through their run, Supernatural became one of the biggest franchises of all time. With popular crossovers with shows such as Scooby Doo, tie in comics and novels, it garnered a cult following. Conventions, fanfiction (which is mentioned in the show for humour) and even gaining a holiday in Austin, Texas (June 23, 2018).

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