South Park

Season 16 Episode 13:

A Scause for Applause

Rocked by the recent news of drug use by a beloved icon, the world is left feeling lost and betrayed. The boys, join with the rest of the nation, and remove their yellow wristbands. Everyone is on board, except for Stan, who just can’t seem to cut off his bracelet.
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About South Park:

“Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine.” South Park is an American satirical comedy, renowned for its disgusting humour, quotable characters and simple yet memorable storylines. The fictional town of South Park, Colorado is often the space of crazy adventures. The four protagonists are fourth graders Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman. Stan and Kyle are the closest out of the group to one another, Kenny is good friends with them both. None of them really know why they hang out with Cartmen, though.

Cartmen is one of the most popular character out of the protagonists. This is because he has absolutely no morals. The best way to describe Cartmen is an evil, egotistical, immature, and insane child. He has no logical concept of a moral compass, breaking both legal laws and moral laws for arguably petty reasons. He blows things out of proportion. Some of his most despicable actions involve grinding a teenager’s parents into chilli because the kid ripped him off and trying to kill his girlfriend Heidi for making him late for picking pumpkins. However, the worst recipient of Cartman’s rage is Butters Scotch, a fellow classmate who can only be described as a unicorn personified. Other classmates include Tolkien, Clyde, Timmy, Jimmy, Bebe and Wendy. Each of them finds Cartman insufferable.

Other side characters are just as memorable as the main cast. Most notable is the parents of the core gang. Shelly and Stan’s father Randy Marsh is considered the adult protagonist, with multiple episodes having plots heavily involving him. Another noble parent is Kyle’s mother Sheila, who is so hot headed with her catchphrase “What, What, What!”, she has declared war on Canada because of an offensive cartoon.

Multiple characters have running gags associated with them. Kenny, in the earlier seasons, would die almost every episode with Stan remarking “Oh my god, they killed Kenny!” and Kyle following up with “You Bastards!” Other running gags were Kyle’s ‘kick the baby’ game, Butters constantly grounded by his parents, Rednecks of the town saying “They took our jobs” in a south American accent and more. The show is also not afraid to make fun of current events from elections (often being between a "giant douche" or a "turd sandwich"), gaming culture (where Blizzard who own World of Warcraft helped develop) and various fads such as Anime, pop cultural icons and even disasters such as America’s reaction to 9/11.

South Park has won various awards, including Emmy awards and more for its straightforward and unapologetic manner. Real life celebrities and mega corporations haven’t been spared from the South Park treatment, which has led to some interesting portrayals on the show. From Mickey Mouse being a tyrant desperate for money, Mr Garrison becoming a parody of Donald Trump and Kanye West who doesn’t understand a fish joke. Each encounter with a South Park version of a celebrity is a hilarious one at that that either makes fun of said celeb or takes the mickey of social culture in its typical South Park way.

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