Ripper Street

Season 2 Episode 3:

Become Man

Councillor Walter De Souza is abducted from a music hall. He was known for his opposition to the election of Jane Cobden, the first female councillor in London, though she denies involvement. Two further abductions follow, one from Susan's brothel with Susan being taken as well. The perpetrators are a gang of women led by one Raine and Reid works out the link. The women are workers in a factory making matches where phosphorus has caused their disfigurement, a grievance taken up by Jane, and the kidnapped men are seen as being responsible for their misfortune. Susan is...
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About Ripper Street:

The streets of London's East End are awash with blood. But this is not the 19th Century; this is not Jack the Ripper - this is a copycat killer and once again the police remain clueless.

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