One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 17:

Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them

Keith Scott's funeral arouses memories, especially from his one-day bride-to-be Karen and his brother and killer Dan about their childhood, so he starts to feel haunted by Keith as a little boy, then his beloved big brother. Lucas won't hear a word about mad student Jimmy Edwards, thinking as everybody he was the murderer before the kid committed suicide. Nathan is so happy again with Haley that he tells her, now his ma Deb is returning, they will move out of the parental home and back with Brooke- his love for Haley is the center of Nathans life again. The school has...
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About One Tree Hill:

This series follows the eventful lives of some high-school kids in Tree Hill, a small but not too quiet town in North Carolina, where the greatest source of pride is the high school basketball team, the Ravens,