Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 1 Episode 4:

Women of the Prehistoric Planet

Movie Plot: The survivors of a space ship crash run into prehistoric amazons on a desert planet. Intro: Joel and the 'bots redecorate the SOL to look like a talk show set. Segment One: Joel invents toilet paper in a bottle. In Deep 13, the Mads open a fast food place: "Clay and Lar's Flesh Barn." Segment Two: Joel brings a strange spacecraft inside the SOL. Segment Three: The strange object is discovered to be Isaac Asimov's Literary Doomsday Device. Segment Four: While the crew tries to disarm it, the doomsday device explodes, turning the entire crew into Isaac Asimov. Segment Five: Fan letters are read. The winners of the "Name the Plant Guy Contest" are announced.
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About Mystery Science Theater 3000:

A stranded spaceship pilot captured by mad scientists survives a blitz of cheesy B movies by riffing on them with his funny robot pals.

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