Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 9 Episode 2:

The Phantom Planet

Movie Plot: An astronaut ends up on a planet inhabited by miniature people. Intro: The Crew compare their Andy Rooney imitations. Segment One: The Doomsday Device pearl ordered finally arrives. Unfortunately, its radioactive core was sent to the SOL, and the 'bots do not want to part with it. Segment Two: Servo tries to look at beautiful things, so he can enjoy life. Segment Three: Mike takes a space walk, and the 'bots refuse to let him back in. In Castle Forrester, Pearl and Brain Guy discover that the ghostly noises around the castle are actually being made by Bobo. Segment Four: Mike upstages the 'bots in water-glass playing. Segment Five: Crow dresses as an alien from the movie. Pearl, doubting her evilness after failing to assemble the Doomsday Device, is cheered up by a mob of villagers. Turns out, however, that they are just the local welcome wagon. Stinger: The "Good and the Beautiful" are extolled.
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About Mystery Science Theater 3000:

A stranded spaceship pilot captured by mad scientists survives a blitz of cheesy B movies by riffing on them with his funny robot pals.

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