The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 5:

Ruth Buzzi

While Miss Piggy continues to pine for her frog, we also learn in this episode that she actually has a healthy libido in general! Throughout her career on The Muppet Show and beyond, Kermit will occupy a special place in her heart, but that doesn't stop Piggy from flirting with other men. Ruth Buzzi, in all of her sketches (talk spot in particular) demonstrates a marvelous rapport with her Muppet costars. Fourteen years later, she would become a regular cast member on "Sesame Street" playing Ruthie, the wacky owner of thrift shop Finders Keepers and breathing well-needed life into the adult characters on the show. This is Jerry Nelson's first credited episode. Ruth Buzzi was originally going to be the guest in episode one, but due to scheduling conflicts she had to appear later in the season. [In an odd moment, when Ruth starts to get tickled by the cast, a smiling Muppet Beach Ball briefly pops up into frame - though this puppet was not used anywhere else.]
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