Modern Family

Season 4 Episode 24:

Goodnight, Gracie

Everyone flies down to Florida to be with Phil after his mom's passing. Claire helps Phil with Gracie's last wish for Frank, and the kids reflect on the gifts grandma left for them. Gloria has to contend with an outstanding arrest warrant in Florida, Cam finds himself fitting right into an elderly women's group at Frank's retirement community, and Jay runs into a pivotal person from his past.
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About Modern Family:

Modern Family is an American sitcom, representing many aspects of a modern family that are different to the traditional nuclear family many other sitcoms feature. Family patriarch Jay Pritchett is in a blended family unit with his second wife, Gloria Marie Ramirez Delgado-Pritchett and her son from her first marriage, Manny Delgado. Jay’s children from his first marriage, Claire and Mitchell are key characters in the show. Phil and Claire Dunphy are the only nuclear family unit, with three children named Haley, Alex and Luke. Mitchell Pritchett is in a committed relationship with Cameron Tucker, and they adopt their daughter Lily in the first episode from Vietnam. They later become husbands.

The show presents this modern family as a mockumentary where the characters are interviewed about various aspects of their life, staring directly at the camera. Each family shows different subjects. Jay and Gloria deal with the repercussions of being a couple with a wide age gap, with Gloria being called a ‘gold digger’. We see Gloria go against the stereotypes of Latina women who marry elder men in the USA as she opens a business of her own. Jay and Gloria get another surprise when Gloria becomes pregnant, leaving Jay to become a father in his sixty’s when Gloria gives birth to a boy named Joe. Manny deals with a disappointing father, as his birth father will cancel on him multiple times. His vast intellect and social awkwardness make for hilarious moments such as his awkward infatuation with Haley in the earlier seasons.

Claire was a wild child and so has an overbearing protectiveness over her children repeating her mistakes. Phil is the cool and laid-back dad. He has had some moments where he takes control, such as punishing Haley and Alex for not cleaning the bathroom. Haley is the typical teenager, more interested in having a booming social life than grades. She and Claire have a turbulent relationship, but they love one another. Alex is the middle child and is the smartest school wise. She is a classic overachiever, but this also leads to a serious look at the pressures many overachievers face. Luke is the oddball. Whilst many think he is dumb; he has shown street smarts on multiple occasions and can make it on his own. He and Phil have a special bond which changes overtime. The show explores that, too.

Mitchell and Cameron could not be more different. The shy, reserved and uptight Mitchell plays off well with the over dramatic, feminine and flamboyant Cameron. This constantly causes hilarious moments, such as raising Lily differently. Lily is often caught in the middle, becoming calmer and snarkier in order to deal with her father’s theatrics. Despite this, this family explores how same-sex marriages are pre-judged and how they deal with differences. One example is when they deal with Lily’s confusion over her identity as ‘gay.’ The adults also have interesting relationships with one another that consists of jealously and more. Despite the differences each member has, they always have each other’s back as a modern family does.

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