How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 19:

Bachelor Party

Robin attends Lily's bridal shower and finds the gift that she brought is out of place. Barney hires a stripper for Marshall's bachelor party.
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About How I Met Your Mother:

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom about Ted Mosby telling his two children various stories leading to when he finally meets their mother. The story starts in 2005 when Mosby meets Robin Scherbatsky. Other major characters involve Mosby’s best friend from college, Marshall Eriksen and his long-time girlfriend (later on, his wife) Lily Aldrin, and playboy Barney Stinson. How I Met Your Mother focuses on Ted’s prior life to meeting the children’s mother, with Ted introducing the episodes with a monologue addressed to his children Luke and Penny. The story is meant for his children, so there are some inconsistencies with adult subjects. An example is referring to smoking marijuana as ‘eating sandwiches.’

Robin has a romantic relationship with both Ted and Barney. She dates Ted, but his vision of the future differs from hers. Eventually, Barney and Robin become engaged. Whilst Ted is happy but also conflicted over their relationship, he still shows his support over the wedding. He even talks Robin out of her fears with marriage. Lily and Marshall also have marital troubles. Whilst becoming engaged in the pilot episode, they run into trouble from their careers. When they do eventually marry, more issues arise when they talk about their finances, children and job opportunities.

However, throughout the entire story, one character is kept in the shadows. No one knows who the ‘mother’ is until the last season. We get hints about her from the yellow umbrella and her appearing in many of the same places as the gang, but they do not show her face. However, in the season 8 finale, her face is finally revealed as Tracy McConnell. Her interactions with the gangs at various moments without them knowing who she will become made her even more loveable to audiences. Teddy and Tracy became a loveable couple before the audience sees them together as they share many loveable traits and interests.

Winning 10 Emmy awards, many have praised the show for its characters. The show’s breakout character is Barney Stinson, thanks to the number of catchphrases and gags he makes or is involved in. Some of the most famous catchphrases from Barney are ‘Legend (something in the middle) Dary’, ‘Suit Up!’ and ‘Challenge Accepted.’ Other characters have obsessions and tropes such as shoplifting, Star Wars and the bro code have become a part of the show’s success as they were memorable and hilarious. With musical numbers, a unique storytelling from multiple angles, and many reoccurring gags, How I Met Your Mother has impressed many audiences and critics.

Reoccurring characters are bartender Carl MacLaren, distant friends Claudia and Stuart, baker Victoria, The Captain who is Lily’s boss, The Captain’s ex-wife Zoey Pierson, Marshall’s father Marvin Eriksen Sr., and Gary Blauman who have many experiences with the gang. 

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