Greys Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 22:

The Other Side of This Life (1)

Meredith works on her relationship with Susan and Thatcher. Cristina has to deal with her mother and Burke's. Alex continues to tend to Jane Doe/Ava. Meredith and Derek's relationship has a problem that needs resolution quick. Addison sees her god-daughter which leads to a job offer outside of Seattle. Derek has to perform surgery. Burke has a reservation about marrying Cristina. Many new people guest star in the course of Addison's road trip to California. Addison considers moving to be closer to her old med school friends until she discovers that drama she wishes to leave behind isn't exclusive to Seattle. Her friends who she thought had it all, are divorced. A pregnant woman must discover who the father of her child is.
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About Greys Anatomy:

Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama, starting in 2007. Cristina Yang, Alex Karev, Isobel Katherine ‘Izzy’ Stevens and George O’Malley join Meredith Grey, daughter of medical legend Ellis Grey, at the fictional Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital as interns. Under the watchful eyes of resident Dr Miranda Bailey and Chief of Surgery Richard Webber, these five interns go on various cases and treat patients on their quest to become doctors.

Throughout the first season, Meredith becomes entangled in a relationship with attending neurosurgeon Dr Derek Shepard (fondly known as Mc Dreamy). This causes tension between all the other interns, who see this as ‘gaining favors’ outside the hospital. Cristina Yang also forms a relationship with cardio-surgeon Dr Preston Burke, but keeps it secret because of the reaction Grey is getting. Things become even more complicated as Meredith has kept her mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis a secret, but she gets admitted after a series of complications. Her childhood trauma is further revealed when she meets her father’s new family at the hospital after years of estrangement. To add to this, a secret love affair between Ellis Grey and Richard Webber is exposed.

As the seasons go by, significant moments also change various characters. Some significant moments are when Izzy falls for a patient named Denny, cutting his LVAD wire to get him on the next available transplant. She almost costs the others their internship and opened Bailey to scrutiny. Alex and Izzy get together, but ultimately break off after Izzy loses her job because of an error. George O’Malley gets married to the new orthopedic surgeon Callie Torres, only to cheat on her with Izzy. Cristina gets left by the altar by Burke after he notices her changing too much. Meredith finds out Derek is married when his estranged wife Addison Montgomery ends up employed at the hospital. Addison admits she cheated on Derek, causing their estrangement.

 Over the years in Grey’s Anatomy, the cast has changed to involve new characters and relationships. In season 4, Lexie Grey became an intern. Lexie is Meredith’s half-sister, bringing a new dynamic to her character. She ends up in a relationship with Mark Sloan, plastics surgeon who was Derek’s best friend (and Addison’s affair). After Burke left Cristina, she gets involved with the head of trauma Owen Hunt. Through them, the show provides an insight into PTSD and differing views on abortion. Things become more complex between them as Teddy Altman, who has a romantic history with Hunt, becomes Cristina’s mentor. Alex falls for Jo, a secretive intern. Other characters include the new pediatrics surgeon Arizona Robbins, residents Jackson Avery and April Kepner.

With its 17 years on air, Grey’s Anatomy has become the longest scripted prime-time TV show. The show has dealt with many topics such as terrorist threats, live shootings, COVID-19, and more over the course of its 17 years. Both the cast and show have won many accolades and the show has had successful spin offs called Private Practice and Station 19.

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