Season 2 Episode 20:

Prom Queen

When the entertainment for prom falls through, Principal Figgins asks New Directions to perform at the dance much to prom coordinator Sue’s dismay. Things get heated as the competition for prom king and queen draws closer, and Jessie St. James returns.
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About Glee:

Primetime Emmy award-winning comedy, Glee (2009-2015) focuses on a group of teenagers from different cliches and backgrounds in their high school choir. From forging new relationships to discovering their own identity, Glee shows the various trials and tribulations of 2010s teenagers trying to navigate high school and beyond. Glee also features an array of musical talent in every episode from a diverse cast of Broadway alumni.

Will Schuester, a Spanish teacher at William McKinley High School, volunteers to reopen the glee club named the New Directions. At first, the club is small. Attracted to the club is self-obsessed but talented Rachel Berry, Tina Cohen-Chang who is shy and suffers from a stutter, confident Mercedes Jones, guitar playing paraplegic Artie Abrams, and bullying victim Kurt Hummel. Later on, Schuester discovers a hidden talent in football quarterback Finn Hudson and convinces him to join too. 

However, the New Directions immediately gain an enemy. To keep the school budget for her cheerleading club, straight talking head coach Sue Sylvester tries to destroy the Glee Club. She does this even after deploying three cheerleaders as spies. These cheerleaders named Quinn, Santana and Brittany grow to like the Glee Club and even quit the cheerleading club. 

The series evolves to include more members, but also tackles serious moments as well. Homophobia plays a huge role for many characters. Kurt gets relentlessly bullied, even threatening to be killed because he is gay. After he transfers school for his own protection, he meets Blaine Anderson, who later becomes his husband. Santana and Brittany also go through a similar storyline. When Finn outs Santana publicly, she becomes used against her will in a campaign. This is comparable to how being supported of the LGBT community is used to garner votes in an election. 

Quinn becomes pregnant by Puck, resulting in a teenage pregnancy that sees her popularity fade. Rachel’s biological mother, Shelby Corcoran, then adopted the baby. Quinn then goes through depression but becomes determined to get her daughter Beth back. Mercedes becomes self-conscious, fasting until she faints to become thin. Both Quinn and Mercedes become friends because of their shared dangerous eating habits and helping one another through recovery. 

Tina becomes more confident and frustrated because of her lack of solos. She soon gets her time to shine when the others leave. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to gain Finn’s attention, who eventually becomes a couple before his passing in a car crash. After a failed TV show, and many failures on Broadway, Rachel finally gets fame in the last episode. Schuester falls in love once more, after his ex-wife suffers from a false pregnancy. He also makes a dramatic change from a Spanish teacher to being a history teacher after Santana calls him out for cultural appropriation. 

Other minor characters include Mike Chang, an extremely talented dancer, OCD suffering school guidance counsellor Emma Pillsbury, Kurt and Finn’s father Burt Hummel, transgendered school coach Bestie and Becky Jackson, a cheerleader who becomes Sue’s assistant.  

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