All in the Family

Season 7 Episode 10:

Mike and Gloria's Will

Mike and Gloria are having a discussion over who will take care of Joey, just in case there comes a time when both of them are unable to care for the little tyke before his 18th birthday. Mike has serious reservations over allowing in-laws Archie and Edith to get custody of Joey, particularly due to what he perceives as Archie's bad influences. Gloria is having a hard time convincing Mike otherwise and gives in to Mike's rhetoric. Mike's suspicions are confirmed when Archie and Edith return with Joey after a day of playing in the park. What's that Joey's got in his hands? Why, a toy machine gun that Grandpa had bought him. Of course, Mike (being dead set against gun violence) immediately is very angry and tells Archie that toy guns could influence children's behavior later on. Tempers really escalate when Mike grabs the plastic gun from Archie and breaks it over his knee. After the two continue to argue, Mike lets slip that he is considering including a clause in the Stivics' will that
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About All in the Family:

Archie Bunker, a working class bigot, constantly squabbles with his family over the important issues of the day.

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