Family Ties

Season 5 Episode 25:

"D" is for Date

Jennifer develops her first major crush on science lab partner Tim Higgins, the handsome star pitcher of the school baseball team. When Tim comes over to work on their science project, Jennifer is thrilled, but also embarrassed by his open admiration of her academic talents. Believing the adage that boys never like girls who are smarter than they are, she decided the way to keep Tim interested is to play dumb. Much to her parents' dismay, Jennifer begins to spend most of her time with Tim, goofing off in Mr. Feinman's class at the expense of both her grades and his. When Steven and Elyse begin to question her actions, Jennifer reacts sharply, protesting that she's happier than she's ever been. It's only after she and Tim wind up with an ""F"" on their science project and Tim is suspended from the baseball team, that Jennifer is forced to put aside her ""cute and dopey"" act and deal with Tim honestly. Meanwhile, Nick gets a threatening letter from the IRS, demanding payment for five years
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About Family Ties:

Former 1960s flower children Steven and Elyse Keaton raise their conservative son Alex, daughters Mallory and Jennifer, and later, youngest child Andrew.

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