Family Guy

Season 15 Episode 9:

How the Griffin Stole Christmas

Peter fills in for Santa at the mall, but lets the power go to his head when he realises just what he can get away with. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian become holiday office-party crashers.
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About Family Guy:

Family Guy, an American animated sitcom, follows The Griffins in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island. The Griffins consists of Peter and Lois, along with their three children Meg, Chris and Stewie. Living with them is talking dog Brian, who is treated as both a human and, in other, a dog. 

Peter Griffin, the patriarch of the family, is a man child. Often compared to his predecessor Homer Simpson, he is even more inappropriate and extreme in his antics. He constantly drags his friends and family into following his schemes, usually made on impulse. However, he truly does care for his family. He gets jealous over Lois, even punching a whale who kissed Lois. Even though he constantly belittles and ignores Meg, he has shown he cares about her. He has saved her life and even beaten her bullies up. 

Lois is more mature than her husband. Originally from a wealthy family, she is a homemaker with immense patience for Peter’s antics. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a dark side. Over the course of the show, her personality has changed. She has shown love in SM and disconnects from emotional situations such as refusing to say ‘I love you’ to Meg, and even admitting to her children she never wanted to be a mother. In some ways, she is worse than her husband when being negligent to her family. 

Meg is the oldest of the Griffin children. Socially awkward and unpopular, she yearns for acceptance and love. Some of the harshest jokes happen at her detriment, such as Peter farting in her face and being mistaken for other disgusting objects such as after birth. This has lessened over the course of the show, but the catchphrase ‘Shut up, Meg’ has become a famous reference to the show. 

Chris is a younger version of Peter Griffin. He is awkward, obese, and unintelligent. Even though he is just as unpopular as Meg, he is more easygoing, not really caring. In earlier seasons, Chris had a running gag of having an Evil Monkey in his closet. No one believed him until he proved its existence. This gag ends with the evil monkey moving out. Recently, a running gag involved Chris defending Seth Greene, his voice actor from Stewie, Brian and Peter (all voiced by Seth MacFarlane). 

The most popular characters, even more so than Peter, are Stewie and Brian. Stewie is a genius. Having created a time machine, various weaponry, and weather controllers, he has gone on many adventures with his friend Brian. Brian is a self-proclaimed writer, although he has never really had success. As the series goes on, he becomes more arrogant and selfish. Throughout their adventures, Stewie and Brian have been through time. Stewie has also got a teddy named Rupert, who in his mind is an extremely buff man in nothing but black boxers and a bowtie. 

Other characters involve sex crazed Quagmire, paraplegic Joe who constantly shouts, his wife Bonnie who spent 7 seasons pregnant, and the calm and tolerant Cleveland, who even got his own spin off. 

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