Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 13:

Last of the Time Lords (3)

One year has passed since the events of "The Sound of Drums." The Earth has been conquered and its population enslaved, the Doctor is the Master's prisoner, and the warships of a new Time Lord Empire rise from the ashes. The fate of the world is in Martha Jones' hands.
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About Doctor Who:

Doctor Who is a British sci-fi television show that has been on air since 1963. Whilst it was cancelled due to low ratings in 1989, the series was revived in 2005. It is considered a British cultural icon and has garnered fans all over the world, spawning multiple TV spinoffs and novels and graphic novels. The series follows the adventures of the Time Lord, who calls himself The Doctor in his time traveling machine called The TARDIS, which looks like a blue police box. The Doctor also has various companions along the way. 

The Doctor’s true origin is a mystery. At the beginning of the series, The Doctor had fled his home planet Gallifrey and stole the TARDIS. Over time, he becomes an adept time traveller to save anyone he can. In the revival, The Doctor reveals Gallifrey was destroyed in the Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks. Another hint was that when the Time Lords went to desperate measures, so the Doctor was forced to end it all. This plays a huge development in future episodes where the Doctor tries to prevent anyone else to share his burden of killing his race. This is further explored in the 50th anniversary ‘The Day of the Doctor’, which then changed the Doctor’s lore once more.

Using ‘regeneration’, the Doctor changes his appearance (and actor) and some aspects of his personality. Every actor has brought something new to the role, adding to the legacy of the show. So far, there have been 12 regenerations (13 actors) of the Doctor.

As popular as the Doctor is, his companions are just as popular. The companions often remind the Doctor of his morality, and to stop him from going too far. Just as the Doctor regenerates, his companions change frequently. Some of the most famous and beloved companions are Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, and Donna Noble. Rose Tyler was most famous for her relationship with the 9th (first one after the revival of series) and romantic chemistry with the 10th Doctor. Years after the 10th Doctor’s run, many welcomed her return in the 50th Anniversary episode. Sarah Jane Smith was involved with many incarnations of the Doctor, more than any other companion. She even gained her own TV spinoff called The Sarah Jane Adventures. Donna was the hilarious best friend the Doctor needed. There are more companions, who like the Doctor, brought something new to the series during their run.

The enemies of The Doctor are also integral to the lore of Doctor Who. The Daleks is a human sized machine, with an eyestalk, known for their catchphrase ‘EXTERMINATE!’. Cybermen are humanoids who have shredded their humanity. However, The Master is the Doctor’s archenemy. A fellow Time Lord, The Master wishes to rule over the Universe. There are many others, such as the Weeping Willow and Silurians. 

Doctor Who is more than other shows can even dream of becoming. It is a show with decades of lore, inspiring multiple generations with its unique storylines, incredible pacing and characters and the idea of seeing beyond the stars and being more than you thought was possible. This made Doctor Who the cultural phenomena it is today.

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