Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 3:

The Perfect Storm

The BAU has reason to believe a series of murders might have been committed by two people working as a team after the victims' families receive DVDs after each crime that includes psychological attacks.
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About Criminal Minds:

Criminal Minds follows a team of criminal profilers working in the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The team’s job is to use behaviour analysis and character profiling to solve crimes and find criminals. These crimes range from drug cartels, serial killers, stalkers, and other perpetrators. The team also deals with personal issues such as addiction, relationships, children and more. 

The cast has changed multiple times during the show’s 15-year run. The original team comprises BAU unit chief Jason Gideon, Supervisory Special Agents Aaron Hotchner, Elle Greenaway, and Derek Morgan, communications liaison Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, technical analysis Penelope Garcia and Dr Spencer Reid. Reid is the youngest BAU supervisory special agent, joining the team at 23. He became the breakout character of the show, because of his high intellect and social awkwardness. The team frequently considers him a little brother and is excessively protective of him. Out of the original team, Reid, and JJ the only one to stay on the BAU for all 15 seasons and may appear on the revival/reboot. 

Gideon leaves in season 3, after losing his girlfriend and costing an innocent man his life. Greenaway becomes traumatised after an attack in her own home. Morgan and Hotcher leave the BAU to focus on being fathers. In their place, new characters took over. Emily Prentiss becomes an older sibling and a reliable hand to the team. Other members that join are Doctor Tara Lewis, David Rossi, Luke Alvez, Maeve Donovan, Kate Callahan, and Matthew Simmons. JJ and Garcia get promoted to become agents as well as fulfil other positions. 

The team goes through many situations. Many have been kidnapped, tortured, had family members endangered or killed in the line of duty. The team has been fractured through undercover missions and investigations from other departments interfering as well. However, the show also remembers that this team is a tight unit despite these setbacks. Rossi’s cooking, the prank wars between Morgan and Reid, and the nicknames each character has reinforced their bond. 

Because of its 15-year run-time, there have been some truly iconic scenes from this show. The phone call before Hotchner’s ex-wife dies is one of the most shocking scenes in television history. Another is Reid’s kidnapping and torture from a serial killer leading to him developing an addiction. A secret mission and investigation into said matter in the season 7 premiere led to one of the most recognised lines of dialect from Reid “this is calm and it’s doctor.” 

The show has become a pop sensation because of its extensive runtime. The show has won multiple awards and has been adapted in South Korea. Criminal Minds has created a niche for itself and is one of the best police dramas out there.

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