Season 2 Episode 9:

Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

When Dean Pelton starts checking class schedules, he discovers that Jeff has listed a class that doesn't exist. Abed and Troy build an elaborate blanket fort.
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About Community:

Community is an American sitcom created by Dan Harmon about a disbarred lawyer named Jeff Winger, who had previously lied about having a bachelor’s degree. He enrols into Greendale Community College and forms a study group with other students. The series looks at life in community college based on Harmon’s personal experience. 

Jeff Winger is a narcissistic, sarcastic, and arrogant at the start of the series. He only really starts the study group to get some alone time with Britta Perry, another classmate. This is a reoccurring theme as he flirts with many women throughout the series. However, the study group changes him as he ends up becoming a teacher at Greendale Community College. He even rallies the others after their graduation to save said community college from being bought out. 

Britta Perry is an activist, looking to become a therapist. She tries to look more mature and worldly about subjects she stands for, but she is usually hilariously misinformed on the subject. This, along with her habit of ranting about big institutions and choice in men, makes her one of the more negative influences of the group. However, as the series goes on, she realizes why she acts the way she does and heals. Other characters also show different aspects of trauma and wanting to be better. 

Annie Eddison may be the overachiever and youngest member of the study group, but she has had more hardship than most. She has lost her college scholarship in high school and damaged her relationships with her family whilst battling an addiction to Adderall.

Abed Nadir is a film student who often shows some signs of Autism. He sees the world and the study group as TV tropes. Abed will also even roleplay in many situations, often making a meta reference. Other meta ways, he plainly refers to film related things such as IMDb and making parodies of well-used tropes such as mumbling where cameras usually cut out. Abed’s best friend is Troy Barnes. Troy is a former high school quarterback, who finally embraces his inner nerd and gets rid of jock. They are so close and even live together, often parodying a romantic relationship. Whilst Abed can control his emotions, Troy is overly emotional. It’s their weird balance. 

Shirley Bennet is a single mother, juggling children and school to open her own brownie business. She ends up opening a sandwich shop in the school’s cafeteria. The last member of the study group is Peirce Hawthorne. He is a millionaire, looking for something new. He is known for his anti-politically correct language, but he tries to get with the other group members. 

Other characters include Ben Chang, a Spanish professor at Greendale turned student when his credentials were fake and other faculty members. Psychology professor Ian Duncan and Dean Craig Pelton are more faculty members that appear frequently.

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