Bob’s Burgers

Season 7 Episode 16:

Eggs for Days

The annual Easter egg hunt always brings out the competitive sides of Bob and Linda, but this time, the game goes awry. After the Belcher parents have a little too much fun hiding the eggs, the entire family is enlisted in finding the lone egg that is quickly rotting in its hiding place. Don't miss the calamity that ensues
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About Bob’s Burgers:

Bob’s Burgers is an American animated sitcom, created by Loren Bouchard. Bob Belcher runs a hamburger restaurant with his wife Linda and their three children. They set the show in a town like North-Eastern USA. Later, this changed to be based in Southern New Jersey. 

Bob Belcher differs from other American animated dads. Unlike other cartoon fathers, Bob is actually hard working and sensible, often being the voice of reason in his family. However, he has been snarky with people reoccurring such as rival restaurant owner Jimmy Pesto. A running gag is his financial problems, such as being late to pay rent. Still, he always tries to make ends meet and provide for his family (even though he wishes he could fire them). 

Linda Belcher is the complete opposite. She is loud, extroverted, and usually bursts into song and dance over everyday things. However, she is always there to support her family, including her husband’s restaurant. 

Tina Belcher is the eldest child. She is good-hearted by nature, not really capable of lying and much. She is strange, having a fascination with relationships and sex, going as far as to write erotic fanfiction. Tina is awkward because she is a mixture of a child and a teenager. She slowly gains confidence during the show’s run, becoming more comfortable with who she is.

Gene, the second child and mama’s boy, is best described as a prankster. He uses fart jokes for humorous approaches. He has shown a genuine talent for creative subjects such as song writing without training. Gene is also extremely unathletic, with several episodes showing this in various ways.

Louise Belcher is the youngest but the highly intelligent child. She uses her intelligence to give her siblings and her parents’ advice and cause mischief. Louise is also fiercely protective, coming to her family’s defense when they need it. She is also very possessive of her personal space and items, especially her Japanese merchandise. Linda regularly violated this by going into her room, leaving their relationship strained.

The show has many running jokes. Many characters of the show talk to inanimate objects to cope with stresses. We have seen gene doing this to toilets and Bob gives human qualities to inanimate objects, a habit stemming from his childhood. Both Linda and Louise also have a habit to slap people they either like or don’t like. The store next door is also a running gag, changing every episode in the opening with a different business name.

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