7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 17:

Two Weddings, an Engagement and a Funeral

Annie's half-sister Lilly is getting married and wants their ailing father to walk her down the aisle but Annie worries that the strain might be too much for him. Meanwhile, Fred and Mrs. Bink attend premarital counseling with Chandler, but Fred's mother tries to put a stop to the wedding because she thinks Mrs. Bink is a gold digger. Lastly, Jimmy and Pat, two mentally challenged people, decide to get married after just one date and ask Chandler to perform the ceremony, but Jimmy's parents try to put a stop to it.
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About 7th Heaven:

Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden household.

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