The Sarah Jane Adventures

Season 1 Episode 4:

Eye of the Gorgon: Part 1

A nun's ghost is reported at old folks home Lavender Lawns and Sarah Jane and the kids investigate.Much-travelled resident Bea Nelson-Stanley gives Luke a talisman which acts as a key to open a portal in space. A group of nuns led by Sister Helena want the talisman as their abbess is actually a Gorgon, whose look has already turned the home's manageress to stone.The opening of the portal will allow Gorgons to arrive in the present day on Earth and take over. Alan Jackson innocently steps into the room where the Gorgon is and is also turned to stone.
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About The Sarah Jane Adventures:

Investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, with the help of her adopted son, his friends, and an intelligent supercomputer, combats evil alien forces here on Earth.